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John Brown: Martyr or Terrorist?

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  • John Brown: Martyr or Terrorist?

    John Brown's legacy raises the unpleasant question - is the difference between martyr and terrorist merely whether or not we agree with a person's goals?


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    I see him as an extremist. Abolition of slavery was a noble cause, but killing someone to achieve it (Brown left a trail of bodies from Kansas to Virginia in the name of abolitionism) was too much. Much like those who kill abortion doctors in the name of God to protect unborn children, Brown's religious convictions took him off the normal road of anti-slavery leanings & into dangerous territory. Violence begets violence. Brown learned that much when his Harper's Ferry raid ended in disaster & he was hung along with his co-conspirators. While there were some in the North who called him a martyr, many more felt that his cause was noble, but the path was wrong. Sadly, his raid & death helped finish fueling the fire that became the American Civil War.
    The muffled drums sad roll has beat the soldier's last tatoo. No more on life's parade shall meet that brave and fallen few.


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      Terrorist, nothing less regardless of his cause.
      "Ask not what your country can do for you"

      Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

      you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


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