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Dutch East Indies internee of Japanese

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  • Dutch East Indies internee of Japanese

    I found a very interesting web site by a woman who was a teenager when she and her family were interned in the Dutch East Indies, where she had moved to from the Netherlands at a young age. It is about sixty pages long and talks about her life in general, not just the internment. The web site is I googled Japanese occupation of Dutch East Indies because I used to work with someone who was in a camp as a child.

    Some of the unusual things I remember are all the nationalities that were interned by different governments: For example before the war the Dutch East Indies government interned Germans and Japanese. She mentioned that her father's barber turned out to be an undercover Japanese colonel. She also said that when they went to the Netherlands after the war many people did not welcome them. Another strange story was that of her friend's father, who was in Europe when war broke out, so he was stuck there. He joined the SS to help his family, since Japan and Germany were allies, but it did not help them. After the war he was arrested, but the family eventually made their way to the US.

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