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Why Are the Kiowa Missing From the Movies?

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  • Why Are the Kiowa Missing From the Movies?

    Why Are the Kiowa Missing From the Movies?

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    Also the Kiowa liked to raid into Mexico. That might hide some of the casualties. It was a Kiowa War Party that reported finding "little people with tails living in trees!" The closest place with Monkeys was in the Yucatan! They also adopted many captives taken in their raids. For a while the tribe looked a bit Caucasian from the adoptees. There was a Burt Lancaster/Audie Murphy/Audrie Hepburn Western from 1960 that had Kiowas in it. It seems the family had picked up an abandoned girl child the Kiowa dropped and her family wanted her back. Alan Lemay wrote the book.

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      The Indian Wars did not just take place in the West.

      Many large battles were fought east of the Mississippi with large numbers of white military casualties which should but an eastern tribe in the lead in this matter.
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        The period analysed is too short accounts of clashes with Kiowa date from the late 1830s. These include the killing of settlers. Moreover the Kiowa also clashed with the Confederacy during the civil war
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