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    Heinkel produced one of the most innovative night fighters of World War II,*but Nazi bureaucrats repeatedly shot it down There were many night fighters in World War II, but only two were designed from theground up to play in the dark: the Northrop P-61 Black Widow and the radar-laden*Heinkel He-219. The rest were modifications of …

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    The He 219 was intended as a general-purpose aircraft (probably an attempt to produce a Ju 88 replacement), but only saw service as a night-fighter.

    Eric, "Winkle," Brown flew one post-war and described its handling as, "Nasty," while performance wasn't quite what was claimed.
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      Contributing editor Stephan Wilkinson recommends for further reading: Heinkel He 219: An Illustrated History of Germany’s Premier Nightfighter, by Roland Remp; and He 219 Uhu Volume I and Volume II, by Marek J. Murawski and Marek Rys
      Nah! The best is this:

      Furguson puts right those very authors recommended in the o.p by Wilkinson.

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