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  • Overdue Updates!

    The cluster was reset on April 28th. We now run 6 full time maps in the cluster (all official plus Volcano), as well as an event and test server. In all, we range from hosting 7 - 9 servers at a time. (We've also started up a Conan Exiles server as well!)

    We've done something special however.

    We launched a day 1 Ragnarok PvP server <DRACONIS>, that came complete with a massive PvE (mod enforced) town in the centre of it. It contains a (cluster only) auction house, restaurant and bar, crafting and breeding facilities, a living area with large cabins (locked) for tribes to assume control of to have a permanent presence in the town, etc. I'm not coming close to doing it justice, I'll have some pics added later to show you what we've added! (The best part is this will be available as a day 1 server each time we reset, town complete and empty, waiting for the next round!)

    As we go forward, we will be adding a similar town in each of the maps in the entire cluster; fresh and ready for each new wipe!
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