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    I was looking over some of our Ark numbers the other day.

    All three admins are here under my roof, plus I have friends that play. On the server cluster itself, we have a fairly large player base that doesn't come anywhere else - they play the game and are happy to chat with you, but they won't sign-up/download/register etc. We have the audience we reach here at ACG. We have twenty-some members on our Discord, and I have many people on my Steam friends list that are only there due to me being the server admin, so they are *all* Ark related - many have drifted away, but there are a lot of them.

    So, what if we were to have a side project?

    We're getting together as many of us as possible, choosing a suitable location, and joining a server with the goal of trying to become the Alpha tribe!

    If anyone here would like to join in, drop a quick message with us here, and come join us on our discord as well!
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