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USS Nassau (LHA-4) Decommed

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    Is the Kearsage slated to assist in any recovery efforts if Nate makes landfall?


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      Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
      You would need good maintenance programs for the ships. Many older ships are in bad shape today because they were not maintained well. They used to take the old aircraft carriers offline for a two year SLEP. The sailors helped and got to see their wives and family. The Air Wing went ashore and practiced operating from land.

      The last twenty or so years the Navy has passed on big maintenance rebuilds and just used the ships until they were falling apart. Look at how they let the OH Perry Class run until they were falling apart.

      New ships are sexy, rebuilding older ships is not.

      Thank you Mr Rumsfeld for helping this trend along.

      This leads to a second readiness issue beyond decommissioning. As the down time rises from maintenance issues training time decreases. The result is less capability than there should be given the equipment on hand. On paper the USN Gator Fleet should b enough float MEF of a division/air wing plus. That proobabllycould happen given 4-8 months to play catch up in repairs. Training is a different matter. For effective large sale training the Navy crews and Marines have to be at sea en mass. For the past decade I've seen multiple warnings and complaints from the active duty side, and the 'experts' and journalists about how the training has fallen off. A very recent article in the marine Times questioned the ability of the amphi forces (Navy/Marine) to conduct a effective MEF or even MEB size operation with less than six months preparation, including remedial training at the command/staff level. The ability of achieving the intense degree of staff work and tactical/operational coordination essential is questioned.


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