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Can a trained chimp beat NOAA at hurricane prediction?

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  • Can a trained chimp beat NOAA at hurricane prediction?

    Chimp Predicts 6-8 Atlantic Hurricanes in 2010

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s track record in predicting the number of Atlantic hurricanes is so abysmal that a trained chimp could do better, says The National Center for Public Policy Research, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank.

    The group is putting this claim to the test, issuing a 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Forecast today determined by a chimpanzee, “Dr. James Hansimian.”


    The forecast is being issued in advance of NOAA’s May “Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook,” expected to be released next week.

    “NOAA’s May outlooks have been wrong three out of the last four years – or 75% of the time,” said David Ridenour, vice president of The National Center for Public Policy Research. “We think our chimp can do better. He hasn’t been wrong so far. Of course, this is his very first hurricane season forecast.”


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    The NOAA shouldn't even bother with predicting hurricanes. Hurricane formation is so complex that they wouldn't be able to do it to any degree of reliability or accuracy unless they had all the world's supercomputers hooked up.

    That said, their other stuff, mostly the common meteorological predictions, are pretty decent.
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      From the sublime to the surreal...

      Contact: Chris Vaccaro


      202-482-6090 May 19, 2010

      NOAA’s Atlantic hurricane outlook postponed

      NOAA’s Atlantic hurricane outlook announcement originally scheduled for tomorrow is now scheduled to take place next Thursday in Washington, D.C.

      A new media advisory with full details will be issued shortly.

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      Watts Up With That? | The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change.


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        My money is on the chimp.


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