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When Snakes Ate Dinosaurs

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  • When Snakes Ate Dinosaurs

    Found in India, a well-preserved dinosaur nest boasts several fossils: a nearly complete snake, a newly emerged dinosaur, and two unhatched eggs—all apparently part of a spine-tingling tale.
    One stormy day 67 million years ago, the 11.5-foot snake apparently slithered into the unguarded dinosaur nest. The snake had spotted a 1.6-foot-long dinosaur struggling out of its eggshell, scientists speculate.
    The snake curled up next to the hatchling and was preparing to attack when heavy rains likely sent mud surging out of a nearby channel—smothering both snake and prey, according to the new study, published in this week's issue of the journal PLoS Biology.

    A lot of "maybe's" in this theory, but I thought it might be of interest.
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    Very cool...

    That's a great site. It provides free access to entire papers, not just the abstracts.
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