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    Originally posted by Zemlekop View Post
    The Archaeology Channel

    etc. etc.... Still, a great way to spend a quiet evening
    That's a nifty website. Interesting videos.
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      Check out for a growing list of 3D point cloud models of cultural heritage sites. Download the viewer and have a ball! (Works fine on Macs, too!)
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        Originally posted by Centrix Vigilis
        For more on post Roman Britain
        How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic:
        Global Warming & Climate Change Myths:


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          He still remains overrated..over exposed and a publicity hound for books that nobody reads unless your listening to C2C AM during exile.

          But you probably knew that.


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            Michio Kaku's cardinal sin is having too much fun while musing science.

            The "serious" scholars and scientsts have never been able to accept that some people make science of history fun by their infectious love ot their discipline.

            Add to that naked envy on the part of some of those guys working in obscurity for someone who somehow gets the attention of the public and Michio is defeinitely going to have critics.
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              Originally posted by Centrix Vigilis View Post
              He still remains overrated..over exposed and a publicity hound for books that nobody reads unless your listening to C2C AM during exile.

              But you probably knew that.
              Physics of the Impossible is actually a pretty good read...

              Dr. Kaku is very entertaining when he's discussing modern physics... But the things that he has written and/or spoken about the Gulf oil spill, climate change, the Japanese earthquake, tsunami & nuclear incident have been almost illiterate. He needs to stick to his specialty.
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                Any metaphor will tear if stretched over too much reality.

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                    I wonder if Doc's blog would qualify for this?

                    I was wonderin where this'n went...

                    Thanx, ol hoss!

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                      This might be interesting. Free downloadable classics too.

                      Any metaphor will tear if stretched over too much reality.

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                        Link to Der Spiegel Archaeology articles:



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                          I never noticed this thread before...I should pay attention to the stickies more often.

                          Science Daily

                          For excellent publications....

                          Wiley Online Library

                          For scientific related events...

                          Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.
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                            Abandoned Colony in Greenland - Archaeologists find clues to Viking Mystery

                            From English Language Der Spiegel (includes six pictures)


                            excerpt #1
                            For years, researchers have puzzled over why Viking descendents abandoned Greenland in the late 15th century. But archaeologists now believe that economic and identity issues, rather than starvation and disease, drove them back to their ancestral homes.

                            excerpt # 2
                            From Farmers to Seal Hunters
                            The scientists conducted isotope analyses on hundreds of human and animal bones found on the island. Their study, published in the Journal of the North Atlantic, paints the most detailed picture to date of the Nordic settlers' dietary habits.
                            As the research shows, hunger could hardly have driven the ancestors of the Vikings out of their settlements on the edge of the glaciers. The bone analyses prove that, when the warm period came to an end, the Greenlandic farmers and ranchers switched to a seafood-based diet with surprising rapidity. From then on, the settlers focused their efforts on hunting the seals that appeared in large numbers off the coasts of Greenland during their annual migrations.
                            When settlement began in the early 11th century, only between 20 and 30 percent of their diet came from the sea. But seal hunting played a growing role in the ensuing centuries. "They ate more and more seal meat, with the animals constituting up to 80 percent of their diet in the 14th century," explains team member Jan Heinemeier, a dating expert from the University of Aarhus, in Denmark.
                            His fellow team member Niels Lynnerup, an anthropologist and forensic scientist at the University of Copenhagen, confirms that the Vikings of Greenland had plenty to eat even as the climate grew colder. "Perhaps they were just sick and tired of living at the ends of the earth and having almost nothing but seals to eat," he says.
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                              Leafing thru the Popular Science site, coming across a few interesting articles;
                              Gallery: The Twentieth Century's Best-Kept Military Secrets


                              13+ Amazing Uses for WD-40

                              7 Amazing Images Of The Future From 1947

                              NASA Engineers Propose Combining a Rail Gun and a Scramjet to Fire Spacecraft Into Orbit


                              For a start ...
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