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Unexplained Anomalies From SETI's Exotica Catalog.

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  • Unexplained Anomalies From SETI's Exotica Catalog.

    Another fascinating video from Anton Petrov.

    Read more:

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    From the text/paper;
    Draft version June 23, 2020


    We present Breakthrough Listen’s “Exotica” Catalog as the centerpiece of our efforts to expand the diversity of targets surveyed in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). As motivation, we introduce the concept of survey breadth, the diversity of objects observed during a program. Several reasons for pursuing a broad program are given, including increasing the chance of a positive result in SETI, commensal astrophysics, and characterizing systematics. The Exotica Catalog is an 865 entry collection of 737 distinct targets intended to include “one of everything” in astronomy. It contains four samples:

    the Prototype sample, with an archetype of every known major type of non-transient celestial

    the Superlative sample of objects with the most extreme properties;

    the Anomaly sample of
    enigmatic targets that are in some way unexplained;

    and the Control sample with sources not expected
    to produce positive results.

    As far as we are aware, this is the first object list in recent times with
    the purpose of spanning the breadth of astrophysics. We share it with the community in hopes that it can guide treasury surveys and as a general reference work. Accompanying the catalog is extensive discussion of classification of objects and a new classification system for anomalies. We discuss how we intend to proceed with observations in the catalog, contrast it with our extant Exotica efforts, and suggest similar tactics may be applied to other programs.

    Keywords:Search for extraterrestrial intelligence — Classification systems — Celestial objects catalogs— Philosophy of astronomy — Astrobiology


    Breakthrough Listen is a ten year program to con-duct the deepest surveys for extraterrestrial intelligence(ETI) in the radio and optical domains (Worden et al.2017). The core of the program is a deep search for artificial radio emission from over a thousand nearby stars and galaxies (Isaacson et al. 2017, hereafter I17; see also Enriquez et al. 2017; Price et al. 2020 for results), and commensal studies of a million more stars in the Galaxy Corresponding author: Brian C. Lacki[email protected](Worden et al. 2017). It joins other programs in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), most of which have also focused on nearby stars (Tarter 2001). But where should we look for ETIs? Indeed, how should we look for new phenomena of any kind?

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