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British company claims biggest engine breakthrough since the jet

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  • British company claims biggest engine breakthrough since the jet


    LONDON | Wed Nov 28

    (Reuters) - A small British company with a dream of building a re-usable space plane has won an important endorsement from the European Space Agency (ESA) after completing key tests on its novel engine technology. Reaction Engines Ltd believes its novel Sabre engine, which would operate like a jet engine in the atmosphere and a rocket in space, could displace rockets for space access and transform air travel by bringing any destination on earth to no more than four hours away.....

    .....The Sabre engine could take a plane to five times the speed of sound and an altitude of 25 km, about 20 percent of the speed and altitude needed to reach orbit. For space access, the engines would then switch to rocket mode to do the remaining 80 percent. Reaction Engines believes Sabre is the only engine of its kind in development and the company now needs to raise about 250 million pounds ($400 million) to fund the next three-year development phase in which it plans to build a small-scale version of the complete engine......
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    Very impressive. Somewhat like the "scramjet" concept developing for use in atmosphere.

    Good catch, Phil.

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      Yes,indeed, fascinating stuff.
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        Interesting! Finally, a possible nex-gen jet engine; imagine all the "furrin" engineers scrambling to rip off the Brits......that cooling technology if practical has some possibilities elsewhere!


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