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Sound Off! Canada vs Australia!

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  • Sound Off! Canada vs Australia!
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    Sound off in the comments with your thoughts! Yes, you too, Shelldrake

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    By: Brant
    Posted by Brant at 17:19
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    Anonymous said...
    Tough call...but I'd have to say Canada for the following two reasons:
    1. Vimy demonstrated for the Allies that a carefully planned assault with creeping barrage could have a telling effect. This was a relatively new concept. Gallipoli only served to remind the allies that assualts without proper artillery support oft go awry.

    2. Dieppe provided many "lessons learned" for D-Day.

    Jack Nastyface

    15 March, 2011 20:52
    Jason B said...
    I agree with Jack about Vimy and Dieppe, however Gallipoli was excuted by British planners. The assualt on Beershaeba is a better example. Planned and excuted by an Australian and won by Australian Light Horse.

    15 March, 2011 22:38
    Anonymous said...
    40 Cent says-

    Canada wins at: hockey, snow, ice & glaciers, French, poutine, ice wine, Inuits, undefended borders, comedians, skiing, mountains, bears and pine trees.

    Beer and rock 'n roll are a tie.

    Australia wins at: palm trees, beaches, water skiing, bikinis, weather, poisonous critters and bugs, spiders, marsupials, Aboriginals, and sunburns.

    16 March, 2011 01:15
    sam said...
    Australia will easily win Todays match vs Canada in ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

    16 March, 2011 07:23
    Anonymous said...
    Gallipoli was hardly an ANZAC campaign. They were a minority presence. On a much smaller scale but of more significance to the development of military skills is Le Hamel.

    16 March, 2011 08:07
    Anonymous said...
    examination of volunteer numbers per head of population indicates australia wins. (second only to NZ)

    16 March, 2011 09:19
    Anonymous said...
    Canada all the way:

    1) Vimy
    2) We burnt down the White House
    3) Dieppe
    4) Juno Beach
    5) Crossing the Rhine
    6) Peacekeeping (as misguided as
    it is)
    7) Longest sniper kill (until

    16 March, 2011 11:49
    Shawn said...
    Canada has the largest French speaking population that never surrendered to anybody.

    18 March, 2011 20:40
    Brant said...
    OK - I have to admit that Shawn's comment made me laugh pretty hard... Good one!

    19 March, 2011 11:34

    -----------Canada, because Vikings never made it to Australia.


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      Australia. Where else can you sign up for Home Service and find yourself fighting the Japanese in a New Guinea jungle?


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        You can pick up an echidna, but you shouldn't try that with a porcupine.


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