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GHQ Liaison Regiment: A Nominal Roll with Short Biographies

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  • GHQ Liaison Regiment: A Nominal Roll with Short Biographies

    New publication

    GHQ Liaison Regiment: A Nominal Roll with Short Biographies (Lulu, February 2010), pp. 189 [ISBN: 978-1-4452-9099-7]

    This is my first attempt at a nominal roll of all former members of GHQ Liaison Regiment and also No.3 Military and Air Mission. Everytime I have come across someone in my research into the history of the unit I have added him to this nominal roll. It is, however, not complete and this publication must be seen as a 'working document'. I will continue to update it with more information when I come across it.

    It is clear that for some entries on the nominal roll I have not much biographical detail compared with some Officers and those who were decorated during their military service. Clearly, most Other Ranks need more research.

    GHQ Liaison Regiment was better known by its codename Phantom. It was a very special and unique unit which was responsible for reporting battlefield information to the Allied decision makers by the fastest possible means usually by wireless using their own channel of communication.

    What makes the unit famous was the amount of celebrities recruited into the unit. David Niven and Tam Williams were two famous Movie Stars who served in the unit with distinction. There were also Aristocrats like Michael and JJ Astor, Lord Cullen, Lord Banbury and many more. The son of a Prime Minster. Future Ambassadors of the United Kingdom. Politicians like Chris Mayhew. Journalists like Peregrine Worsthorne and Ken Rose. The famous political scientist Michael Oakeshott. As well as ordinary individuals who might share a surname with you or related to you.

    This book is a collection of surnames encountered by the author in researching the history of GHQ Liaison Regiment. It cannot be said to be complete but it is a first comprehensive attempt.


    I hope that this publication is of interest

    With best wishes

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