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The Mystery of Marfa, Texas

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    I agree with you MM something definitely isn't kosher there. I am a skeptic on their BS myself.
    This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      My Uncle Chuck trained for his B-25 in Marfa in 1943 according to the mimeographs I have.

      I suppose it could now be a secret base from which the Men in Black fly their black helicopters to keep track of Mulder and Scully.
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        Been there done that. Walked the ground (snuck in looking for the little gray 'u know what')'s the old Fort DF Russell site and it's clean. You can drive right up to the old AO...tho much is now PP.

        Unless they dug holes 600 feet into the ground tis not worth more then one trip. Cuz tight lipped me homies might be..there... but they luv nothing better then jacking with the govt in that part of Texas.

        Your better bet is to look on the Fort Hood west site where the bunkers still exsist under Radar Tower hill and still house something.

        But don't bother cuz you won't even get close.

        That or Archuleta mesa.

        I will solicite three stout men to walk it.....I've already done the SW side....clean.

        PM me if your ready for a two weeker in July.


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          Matter of fact in all likely hood it's exactly what the UT research study found.....traffic lights being observed along 67.... or other explainable phenom.


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