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The Mystery of Marfa, Texas

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  • The Mystery of Marfa, Texas

    I placed this here because I didn't want it to be underwhelmed by the usual Baracks discussion crowd.

    By chance, I read David Morrell's latest book, , today. Morrell is the man who wrote First Blood and created Rambo, and also wrote Brotherhood of the Rose and created a great TV series. Point is, he is a fiction author, but at the end of Shimmerer he names the town and describes the nearby facilities that form the basis for his book, all modeled on what is actually in and around Marfa. According to him, there is an adandoned airfield right near Marfa., just as there is one near his fictional town.

    Go to Google Earth, go to Marfa, and follow the highway North. See if you can figure out why two "abandoned" facitlites in the middle of literally nowhere are blacked out on satellite imaging, and why the runways at the abandoned airbase have freshly painted numbers, while the second blacked out faciulity further north has a number of cars parked there.

    While you're at it, follow what appears to be the old double tracked railway grade to the north from the original "airfield and try to figure out what was built at the locations along the grade which appear to have been nbulldozed clean, right down to bare earth.

    Ask yourself what the government might have been doing during WWII outside of the isolated little town of Marfa, TX.

    The answer isn't startling, officially - go here and check out the WWII AAF training history of Marfa, but why are two locations masked from current imagery?

    Marfa main airfield, used to train pilots includng B-25 crews:

    This is an a recent image of the remaining local airfield, once the main facility. Humor me...and indulge yourself.
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    Hello, Mountain Man, not clear, but I guess you are wondering about both World War II era and present day. I assume present day has something to do with drug war, as balloon suggests. Maybe also NSA installation?

    In World War II, several things come to mind. It seems that maybe it part of something secret up until 1944. Maybe something to do with potential A-bomb delivery, as prior to that not sure when A-bomb might be ready/if B-29's would be ready/how big and complicated actual bomb would be.

    also, location near White Sands makes me think of missile program, maybe cruise missiles? Maybe for delivery of chemical weapons or for guided air-launched weapons?


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      I thought this thread was about the mysterious Marfa Lights...
      The Marfa Lights are named for their location near the town of Marfa, Texas. Marfa is a small ranching community on a Chihuahuan Desert plateau in the Trans-Pecos area of west Texas. Supported mostly by ranching, and more recently by tourism, it is surrounded by vast mountains and is Texas' highest incorporated city. Marfa is known primarily for its famous Marfa Mystery Lights and as the location for the shooting of the classic movie "Giant," with Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Dennis Hopper and James Dean.

      The Ghost lights of Marfa still shine as bright as ever, and are still as mysterious as they were when they were first seen by early settlers who drove their herds into the Marfa area in 1883.

      Who can explain their source? Where are they actually located? How long have they been in existence? The mystery is no closer to being solved now than when they were first seen.

      Robert Ellison came to Marfa in 1883 and off-loaded his cattle in Alpine. He then drove the herd west and on the second night out, while camped just outside Paisano Pass, he saw strange lights in the distance. At first, it was feared that they were Apache signal fires. Mr. Ellison searched the countryside by horseback. He finally realized that the lights were not man-made. Other early settlers assured him that they too had seen the lights and had never been able to identify them.

      The Marfa Lights are reported to be from 1-10 feet in diameter. They are spherical and reddish-orange in color. They have been observed to vary their size and fly at high speeds. Numerous photographs and video footage have captured these lights in action. Marfa Lights are generally considered harmless. They are even rumored to have helped a lost man during a blizzard by providing warmth and guiding him home.

      The ghost lights appear in many different ways to different people. Some swear they have seen them divide to form separate balls of light. Others claim that they have seen them move up and down. All agree that they glow as softly as a star at times, then brighten to the intensity of a stoplight. Sometimes they pop off and on. As they fade they seem to be receding. There are verifiable accounts of people being pursued by the lights... LINK
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        Life without mystery would resemble my hometown where the only thing that ever happens here is .... well .... give me some time I am sure something happens here.
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          The one I found with painted runway markings is listed as a Municipal Airport. Just off of 17 to the west. the one you posted I have not found.
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            An airport that is an active municipal airport with blanked out buildings? Strange, isn't it.

            And yes, Doc, I read all about the Marfa lights, but felt they were a little too unscientific and controversial for presentation to a crowd that still believes the official Roswell story.

            I'll post more pictures when I return from taking my father to the doctor.
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              I don't think they've been censored out for several reasons-
              They look more like solar panels or something to me (below); you can even see individual 'tiles' if you zoom in further. I think a true blanking would be just plain midnight black.
              Also you can see the black things sticking out like sore thumbs from many miles altitude on GE, the last thing the government would want would be to draw attention to them, they'd camouflage them or disguise them.


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                As for all military bases, they can be used for many different hush-hush projects and stuff over the years so anything could be going on in there, and the Marfa lights could be a by-product of such work.
                One theory is that the government is funding research into "Mindscrambler" beam weapons that can zap the enemies brain and render him incapable of thinking, let alone pulling a trigger.
                I don't know what type of radiation is being used, but maybe when it hits the visual centre of the brain it creates the illusion of "seeing lights" to dazzle a potential enemy, maybe the radiation leaks from the research facilities and affects civilian passersby and hikers,or else they're unknowingly being used as guinea pigs, I don't know.


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                  Marfa Lights etc.

                  The "blacked out" area just to the south of Marfa Municipal is decidedly less sinister that you imagine. Its a hydroponic tomato farm.
                  Like everyone else, Im mystified by the lights in Marfa. They are real, no doubt, but there have been many explanations posed. I tend to go with the piezeoelectric theory, but who knows.

                  The Marfa Army Airfield is well documented both in books and on the net. It was a large base built to train pilots during the war, mainly for multi-engine aircraft. Several pictures can be found on the net of the base while it was active. Among the reasons for locating it in that area was of course secrecy from possible spies, but like a lot of the others in Tx. during the war was the great number of clear days for flying during the war.

                  If you really want to see something from the air near Marfa thats very intriguing, search the area south of the abandoned Marfa Army Airfield which is about 9-10 miles east of Marfa using Google Earth. There are many (Ive counted a dozen or so) formations that look like giant blast sites. I hesitate to call them that, because the clarity of the sattelite imagery just isnt clear enough. What they appear to be are nearly perfectly straight lines in the earth that radiate in all directions from a central point. Much too straight to be naturally occuring. Most go on for anywhere from 1/4 to 2 miles or more in length. Ive searched the internet for references to them, but so far Ive found nothing. For starters go to this location and work your way around from there. 30' 05" 53.31"N 103' 51" 03" W.

                  As I said, I have no idea what they are, but I am curious and open to theory or better yet, documented description.


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                    I was by Marfa last January on my way to and from Big Bend N.P. Neat little town right out of Larry McMurty's "Last Picture Show" with a great FM-NPR radio station. There is an Air Force radar site on the road NW heading toward El Paso that has a balloon hoisted above it used for drug interdiction.

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                      Marfa's not alone when it comes to little, out of the where, nowhere's used as traing bases during WW2. Numerous can be found all over Texas and elsewhere. Camp Ben Mcullough springs to mind as does Lubbock. As does the highly restrictive area of South Fort Hood, once upon a time.

                      A key question might be one of; in addition to staging areas for black ops like San Saba used to be, you figure out the nearby AFB. Drug interdiction etc. are possibilities. Any and all sorts of RDA has occured on these little guys precisely due to their isolation.

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                        Here's a shot of one of the areas Joe Dunlop mentions,notice the airfield in the upper right.It doesn't look like a crater to me,it looks like it might be a ranch or something.Maybe the lines radiating outward are just access trails?There's another "crater" near this pic that is square in shape,but has the same type of lines.

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                          Australia has a similar phonomonon, the 'Min-Min' lights, seen by lone travelers on dark nights. Lots of theories, I like the one listed below, but certainly not the wierdest thing seen in the outback.


                          Basically a straight mirage, but instead of showing a large landform, small lights (car lights, campfires etc) are rendered. Because of small movements in the air layers, the images are seen to flutter, something that might not be seen on a usual mirage.

                          I take it Marfa is a flat hot landscape, ideal for temperature inversions?
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                            Typically things that are not-to-be-seen on GoogleEarth are just left Low-res. (* See Scapa Flow for an example) The surrounding area will be High-res but, the 'secret' part is Low-res'd or fuzzed out.
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                              Craters? No.

                              It took a little while before I recognized what the "craters" were. I've seen this before in other parts of the country and you can find it here in south Texas. The center is usually a feeding point or shed and the radiating lines are the result of years of livestock making a beeline there at feeding time.


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