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Iraq 1941 - research information request

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  • Iraq 1941 - research information request

    I have been researching this WW2 side show since I came back from Iraq in 2004. I have read everything that I can find in English but still have a number of significant gaps in my research. I would very much appreciate any help that the experts here can give on the following topics:

    1. Organisation of the Iraqi army above Dvisional level - I have the organisation given in the ORBAT given in the Osprey and at
    And a few other bits gleaned from other sources. None quote Corps or non-Divisional assets, units or services which must have existed.

    2. The equipment used by various units - most sources only quote numbers or CV-33 tankettes, Crossley armoured cars, artillery pieces and machine guns. From the lists of captured equipment (not always reliable) I've gleaned that there were:
    Carriers (Bren or Universal?)
    Mortars (3"?)
    Armoured Lorries or trucks (unknown type)
    At least one Armoured Train (unknown type)
    German 20mm AA guns
    Czech 3.7" howitzers (probably a mis identification)
    "Old Antitank guns" (Maybe 3.7cm WW1 weapons or 20mm Becker ones?)

    Photographic evidence shows a captured Carden Loyd Mk VI (or CV-28)tankette on a truck. So where do they fit in?

    3. Any Iraqi accounts of the actions. Everything I have is written from the British/Indian point of view.

    Any help or direction to sources most welcome.
    Alan Hamilton
    Alan Hamilton

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