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World War II HQ Telephone Call Transcripts

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  • World War II HQ Telephone Call Transcripts

    Here is a question regarding U.S. headquarters records that I hope someone may have some insight about:

    I have run across a few transcripts of phone conversations between senior generals (Patton and Bradley, Patton and Smith, for instance, in the Patton Papers at the LC). I figure that the HQ files probably have more of these, since sometimes a commander would want a record of what he was told to do or what he discussed.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to locate transcripts of headquarters phone conversations in the National Archives? Alternatively, who would keep those - the Adjutant General, the Signal Corps, or someone else?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - transcripts would have a lot of historical value if they were not burned when the war ended.

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    GHQ Liaison Regiment

    It is worth checking out the files of GHQ Liaison Regiment and SIAM as they often intercepted communications of High Command...

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