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    A paper that I did on Fort Bascom, NM (1863-1870) in my Military History class is going to be published as part of a book...just one small part of the book...but it will be my first published work, so I'm kind of excited about it. Here is a link to the pre-sale site on Amazon talking about the book.

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      Originally posted by Przemyslaw View Post
      Tet Offenisve (improving the last version on my book, due to come in second part of 2010)
      Eastern Offensive (starting research)

      Anglo-Zulu War in 1879 (got already half of book, due to come in 2010).
      By "Eastern Offensive", I assume you mean Easter Offensive (Nguyen Hue)?

      Two must read books are...

      The Easter Offensive: The Last American Advisors, Vietnam, 1972 by Gerry Turley


      Lightning From The Sky Thunder From The Sea by Tom Petri

      The events of the first few days are not well documented. Everyone was too busy trying to stay alive or in supporting those few Marines and Soldiers who were on the ground. Don't believe everything you read. Much information is in error and has been requoted in error over the last 38 years.

      I'm still researching the events of 30Mar-5Apr72 when my ship was in direct support of the northernmost firebases and Dong Ha. In that AO, members of USMC 1st Anglico Sub Unit One will provide the best information. I have a list (incomplete) of many USMC and US Army personnel and am adding to that list every day. I'll certainly share any info I have with you.


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        Just finished an essay on the Second International and other peace movements. My supervisor liked it. Also a dissertation on a travelling Catholic priest in 1870s New Zealand.

        Next project is New Zealand involvement in the Russian Civil War, which may have to wait as my supervisor is taking a 6 month research break.


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          Originally posted by Freightshaker View Post
          I'm trying to find more information on Generals Hermann Francois and Paul Hausser. Neither has a biography in English and while both commander are well known, most of the information on the two is repetitious.
          Rats...I thought there was an English version of Hausser's book! I'd like to read more about him myself. I do know there's an English bio on Sepp Dietrich, but have only read the first chapter of it.

          For me, my research project will probably be ongoing until the day I die. I'm cataloging the COs and senior positions (XO, Chief Gunnery, etc.) of World War II Imperial Japanese Navy warships and major shore positions. I have all my info in one Wordpad document on my computer, and thus far it's grown to 5.61 MB! As I don't read Japanese, my efforts are kind of stuck at the moment, so if anyone knows of CO info for the Japanese subchasers, don't hesitate to contact me! (I already know about

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            Viral Quasispecies. I will probably post some of it at some point later, just over in the science forum


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              I have thirteen original diaries of Major General Henry Little, CSA.
              Am translating and am thinking about publishing.


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                God And Country Project

                I'm a T-shirt and Fitted Cap customizer so my research goes into caps and t-shirt designs. My new project is based on Segregated Military Units of WW1 and WW2.

                You can check out work @ just click on the God And Country Widget on the right

                Would love some feedback.



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