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  • Researching Family Military Service

    I have some interesting background in my family (via marriage) and wanted to figure out what is the easiest way to research what these family members did during their service.

    My wife's great great grandfather was General Nelson A. Miles -- he was the last General-in-Chief of the U.S. Army before they changed to the current Joint Chiefs model. I have found out quite a bit about him via the internet and books written about him and the Indian Wars in particular -- but I'm always interested in learning more. However I'm more interested in learning about General Miles' grandson (my wife's grandfather) General Miles Reber and his brother Sam Reber. I know that General Miles Reber spent time in Germany during and shortly after WWII and that Sam Reber worked in the State Department -- outside of that I don't have much.

    My wife's aunt does have a lot of "memorabilia" from General Nelson A. Miles' life -- she has lots of newspaper clippings and some very cool invitations and dance cards from parties that the General and his family attended -- at places like Buckingham Palace, the White House -- parties given by Thomas Edison -- since my wife's Aunt does not have any children -- I hope that this stays in the family -- I would love to become the caretaker of that information and keep it safe for the family.

    Anyway -- I'm also interested in doing a shadowbox for my mother-in-law of her great grandfather and father -- with their ribbons and medals earned during their careers -- does anyone know how I can get a list of what they "won" or were eligible to wear on their uniforms -- and then how to get replicas to have placed in this shadowbox?

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.



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    Military Service

    Check with the National Archives. They have military records. Since you live in Richmond, you might want to go up to DC sometime and look at the actual records they have on hand.

    NARA has an Internet site to help:

    Miniatures of medals and ribbons are available - I inherited some - but I don't know where to get them. They probably are on the Web somewhere.


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