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The oldest restaurant in the world .... ?

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  • The oldest restaurant in the world .... ?

    It was 700 years old when Columbus ate there.
    But, is it true?

    Though Sobrino de Botín in Spain holds the record for the oldest, continuously running the public establishment, the St. Peter Stiftskulinarium (St. Peter’s Abbey Cellar in English) in Salzburg, Austria boasts the earliest opening date of a restaurant, not only in Europe, but in the entire world.

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    Originally posted by Phaing View Post
    (…)but, is it true ?
    The earliest mention of the inn located in St. Peter’s Abbey was in 803 AD, when its existence is recorded in the Carmina anthology by Alcuin, a famous scholar and contemporary of Charlemagne.
    I imagine this is true at least…should be easy enough to verify

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      Originally posted by Snowygerry View Post

      I imagine this is true at least…should be easy enough to verify

      I heard Charlemagne was a difficult customer. Rumor was that he started the Holy Roman Empire just to dispel the claims that Black Forest Smoked Ham and Sauerkraut originated in France and he kept arguing with arrogant French waiters about that. He may have slapped a ham-shocked Gaulic busboy for calling him Charlemagne instead of Karl der Grosse.
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