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Why Don't More Colleges Teach Military History?

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    Since I last posted in this thread my college (SUNY Suffolk/Suffolk County Community College) is going to offer some sort of military history class - 1 class for just 1 semester and if enough kids sign up to take it then they will make it permanent as part of the history department electives.

    I dont know if it will just be general military history or a specific conflict or anything other then it will be listed in the catalog as an elective for Fall 2009.


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      CUNY starting in the late Seventies had a Military History PhD program (which I was in) started by former Hungarian general Bela Kiraly who commanded the Freedom Fighters in 1956, after which he fled to Austria. Kiraly retired in May, 1982, a day after the Belgrano sunk.

      Prof. David Syrett and Patrick Abbazia took it over. Syrett died several years ago. I do not know if it is still extant. Consult the CUNY History Dept.

      Wildest class I ever had was on the contemporary warfare in the Middle East, and it was conducted by a hardcore right-wing Zionist professor (Alan Schulman), and it was filled with Israelis, Palestinians, and assorted political extremes. The people who hated each other the most were left-wing and right-wing Israeli Jews.
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        Originally posted by Captain General View Post
        Kansas State University offers a full blown Military History program. The entities involved with the program are the Kansas State University Military History Institute, the Eisenhower Foundation, and the US Army Command and General Staff school located at Fort Leavenworth.

        Here's the link:
        I'm taking a Civil War course next term from a graduate of Kansas State... I picked her for her degrees, she's also got the only PhD in History on campus...
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