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The Right to Bear Arms? What History Tells Us.

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  • The only time I have ever seen a lawyer give up was when the client ran out of money -- and then it was "instant settlement"
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    • Originally posted by Miss You View Post
      Could you be mistaken about that? Is it possible that the appeals court found that the language ("an engine to destroy game") in 5 Anne, c. 14, , wasn't broad enough to include a "gun", and the appeals court's ruling wasn't based on a finding that 5 Anne, c. 14 violated the English Bill of Rights?
      Are you going to give us an answer?

      Is it possible that that the defendant's lawyer argued that the defendant's conviction was improper because the act he was accused of committing wasn't even an offense under the game law he was accused of violating, because the general language of the game act wasn't broad enough to include a gun, and the list of specifically prohibited hunting devices didn't include guns?

      Is it possible that Chief Justice Lee said the defendant's lawyer's objection to his client's conviction had great weight because the fourth clause of the Game Act, which listed the prohibited instruments, did not include guns, and the general language of the act only prohibited those instruments which had no other purpose than the destruction of game?
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      • Legal Eagle & Miss You. I thought we might hear more from both of you! Is this discussion over? Don't either of you want to join in anywhere else in our great forum?

        It was fun while it lasted.
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