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Ardennes Offensive '44

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  • Ardennes Offensive '44

    I am wondering if anyone here has read any books on the `Battle of the Bulge', that they would recommend..


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    Originally posted by c00k1e View Post
    I am wondering if anyone here has read any books on the `Battle of the Bulge', that they would recommend..

    Here is a start

    Tells part of a story of a little know unit that played a key roll in stopping the German attack. Then there is the book, "Death of a Division" 106th US Ifn. and "Battle of the Twin Villages" covers the northern shoulder. Charles McDonald has a good one out also IIRC "Trumpets on the Land" covers some of the Luxembourg front.
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      'The Battle of the Bulge' by Charles B. MacDonald is pretty comprehensive although it only goes up to the end of the German offensive rather than continuing on to the bloody fighting that resulted from the eradication of the Bulge itself.

      As an online resource, the Official US Army History of WW2 can be found here with the book by Hugh Cole at - the book may be a little dated (1965) but it's still a worthwhile read, especially as it's free!
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        the longest winter is a good one i read recently story of one of the most decorated platoons in the US army in ww2 ..

        The Longest Winter: The Epic Story of World War II's Most Decorated Platoon (Paperback)
        by Alex Kershaw (Author)

        A cold winter morning in the Ardennes Forest, 1944, and Hitler launches his last and most audacious attack on the unprepared Allies. Standing between the German forces and the desperately regrouping Allies were just eighteen young Americans, hidden in fox holes. In a fierce day-long battle, this small band of soldiers repulsed the German attack three times, inflicting severe casualties and defending a strategically vital hill despite being vastly outnumbered. They surrendered only when they ran out of ammunition. But then the real battle for survival began. Alex Kershaw's brilliant account draws on the words of the decorated men who fought this heroic action, bringing vividly to life their struggle on the battlefield and later off it as POWs.

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