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    I have become vary interested in World War II, and any research about that period including anything from Field Orders, to AARs about that time in any theater. However, I find it hard to find anything especially about my grandfather. I know he served in the PTO, I know which battalion he was in, and what ships he was on. I know he was a Seabee and a Corpsman. My question is what advice can you give to me in my search to find his parent units, what operations they were involved in? I'd prefer any internet reasearch that you know of that may help, but also places I can physically go to would also help. It would just be nice to know what my grandpa was up to.

    Also how does your research endeavors progress, and what methods, sources do you use. As you can see I'm new to actually researching, instead of just going and buying interesting books at the store. These books of course had to researched and I was curious if anyone could shed some light on how that might be done.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Does veterans' affairs have a department to help you? I know that the UK has a government body (slips my mind right now) that has helped us research my wife's grandfather's service.


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      I'm sure they do and will most likely end up there.


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        We only provides research in Russsian military archives...
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          Troops in 1880s Washington Territory

          I am researching a series for our history website about the troops who were called out from Olympia to help quell Indian uprisings in Washington Territory, generally from the 1850s through the 1880s, but especially the last decade, in the three northwestern Washington counties. Has any reader here on the board read a good source on this period and the organization and logistics of those troops or has anyone researched the subject? Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Spec 4, Regular Army Vietnam era
          4th Armored Division, Seventh Army, Germany
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