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  • Would you join a WW2 History Society

    Right i am going to throw out a thought here, I know it hurts but here goes .

    The First World War has recieved a lot of attention in the past few years and there are several centres and association devoted to its study. Now of the top of my head I can only think of one for the Second World War in the UK; that is at Leeds University.

    What i am wondering is world anyone be interested in forming a society, similar to The Western Front Association and the Society of Military Historians, but devoted to the study of the Second World War?

    I am in the process of forming it as i have had some positive responses over the past few weeks on other forums. Just looking for more input.


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    It would depend on the level of objectivity and critical analysis desired. Too many things that begin as historical study become little more than a vehicle for nationalism and self congratulations. Which is fine, if that is what you are looking for. These aren't bad things in themselves. But the opportunity for critical analysis is lost in this. That is what I would like to see - analysis without the editorial interludes and opinion pieces.
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      Here's my two cents.

      Not only only should there be objective, critical analysis, but also detailed studies of all parts of World War Two.

      For instance, there has been numerous studies and stories of D-Day almost to point of nauseum. But were just now learning about the Soviet military's side of the war and we know virtually nothing (unless you know Japanese) of Japan's military history of the war.



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        Hey guys,

        There will be critical analysis of the events. Do not worry about 'whacks' who may use the society to drive a political agenda. The society will be non - political and all articles will be proof read by a group of historians who have a great deal of experience. All article will be expected to be fully reference and it is hoped that the articles will add something to the historiography of the war. Here are the society's aims.

        The central aim of the group is to assemble through a network of regional groups and the society’s own journal a collection of like-minded individuals who wish to preserve the memory of the Second World War. The Society also aspires to further the academic study of the Second World War through its journal. We welcome membership from all people with an interest in the war.

        The Second World War Historical Society seeks to study all aspects of the war this is it’s military, political, economic and social aspects.



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          Sounds great!
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            The society has just launched its own dedicated website with its own domain. You can visit it at:

            The Second World War Historical Society



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