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Officers in the Grande Armée

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  • Officers in the Grande Armée

    I am currently writing a flemish book on Napoleon's Grande Armée in Belgium.
    It seems however that I just can't find any specific information on the officers in this great army.
    The questions that I am looking for are nowhere to be found, not in books nor on the internet. Perhaps I am not looking good enough, but I've searched many military sites and I've read "The Campaigns of Napoleon", "Swords around a throne" and "Tactics and the experience of battle in the age of Napoleon".
    Could someone perhaps help me in finding information on the following:
    -What were the specific differences between divisional generals and brigadegenerals beyond the fact that the one had the responsibility over his division and the other of his brigade during a battle?
    -What were the differences between a major and a colonel during a battle?
    -What were the specific duties of a captain, a lieutenant, adjudant and sergeant on the battlefield?

    If I could find a book or some good links concerning these questions, I would be very grateful...

    Thanks alot,
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