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Attn Teachers out there -some Freebies for class

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  • Attn Teachers out there -some Freebies for class

    I was flipping around the Avalanche Press (wargaming company) site yesterday and came across this tidbit that I can't use -and damn it all if my Dad retired over 10 years back ..

    Anyway -- it looks like teachers can qualify for some free Av Press wargames.

    For Immediate Release
    August 9, 2004
    Contact Info: Liz Fulda
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 773-321-6476
    Avalanche Press Gives Free Samples To Teachers
    Virginia Beach, VA -- Avalanche Press announced today the beginning of an ongoing sampling program for teachers. All teachers of history and related subjects will be given up to three free samples of Avalanche products for use in their classroom, while supplies last.

    "For years, teachers have asked for discounts so they could afford our games for classroom use. Most teachers end up buying the games out of their own pockets, so this is our way of helping them out," commented CEO Mike Bennighof. "We do ask that they drop us a line on what their students thought of the games, but otherwise if the teachers are happy and we know the kids will have fun it's the best advertising we could ask for!"

    To place orders teachers should email or call Liz Fulda (contact information listed above) and be prepared with the name of your school, class you teach, and age of your students. If teachers are not local to Avalanche's Virginia Beach warehouse they will be asked to pay shipping on their free games.

    Games will not be shipped to home addresses, only to the teacher's place of work. Games are guaranteed to be in decent condition. Some items may have a packaging defect but will otherwise by completely playable.

    For more information about Avalanche Press hit

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    Although I only read this today thanks for the heads up. As a soon to be history teacher, I wrote them asking if I would qualify for their promotion. I'll let you know about it as soon as they answer me back, if they do answer.
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      Hmmmm...Mrs Sinister is a Teacher...I wonder...

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      • #4 right, in my third yr B. Ed history major and the missus is an elementary teacher, wonder if I can score myself,,ooppps I mean if we can score some games for her kids, it's all about the children right?
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