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  • Luftwaffe pictorial archive

    Hope it hasn't been covered before. Fact is I found this site while searching for Luftwaffe material: - Das Archiv der Deutschen Luftwaffe im 2. Weltkrieg

    Although the menu interface could be improved, this site seems to cover quite a bit of anything Luftwaffe-related, once you get past the Swastika disclaimer. There are even some video and audio files to be found in the depths of this archive.

    A word of caution: the site is almost exclusively German-speaking.

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    Found some JU-87 pix, so I'm happy.

    Dr. S.
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      An excellent site, thanks Nemo

      The "Swastika"disclaimer is, I presume a way of getting round German laws prohibiting display of the symbol, which must include ".de" websites as well!

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        An interesting illustration...

        Me Deutch is pretty crappy.

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