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  • Chandelle

    Chandelle: A Journal of Aviation History.

    This is a highly detailed free web-only magazine (usually 3 times per year) that specialises in "oddities" from 'small wars' to unusual, prototype and projected aircraft. Not only aircraft are covered, as AFVs and ships are examined where information is not commonly available elsewhere.

    Currently there is an article on German nightfighters operating in daylight during the "Channel Dash" in WW2.

    Operation Donnerkeil: covering the Channel Dash (Volume 10, Number 2 August/September 2005)

    Past issues in the selected archive include articles such as:

    COIN: The Portuguese in Africa, 1959-1975 (June/July 1998)

    On the Edge of the Great War: Italian Combined Operations in the Adriatic, 1915-18 (October/November 1996)

    There are links for back articles, and (especially) colour matches for modellers.

    The "Points of Interest: An Annotated List of Links" is very useful for all sorts of data, many on technical details, usually hyperlinked to other sites & references.
    Andy "Weeble" Weaver

    Research, Reference and Historical Study

    Illud Latine dici non potest

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