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Gunpowder Plot, 400 years on...

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  • Gunpowder Plot, 400 years on...

    Given the approaching 400th Anniversary I think this is a useful site;

    though I wasn't sure if it rightly belongs in the "Terrorism" area.

    The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605
    Andy "Weeble" Weaver

    Research, Reference and Historical Study

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    The Terrorism forum would be better if you ask me...

    Lots of fireworks out tonight as I was driving home on the motorway.

    Dr. S.
    Imagine a ball of iron, the size of the sun. And once a year a tiny sparrow brushes its surface with the tip of its wing. And when that ball of iron, the size of the sun, is worn away to nothing, your punishment will barely have begun.


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      I'm never sure if they are just "fireworks" here in 'Inner-City Birmingham'

      Must starve the hounds ready for "Trick or Eat"
      Andy "Weeble" Weaver

      Research, Reference and Historical Study

      Illud Latine dici non potest


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        interesting site andy ....
        owner of the yahoo group for WW1 ,WW2 and Modern TO&Es
        (Tables of organisation & equipment or Unit of action )


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          An excellent link!

          This clarifys much for me on the matter.

          Thanx for the heads up, Weeble, and a damned fine job you do, sir! I must update todays TDIMH.

          On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

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            Fighting terror, 1605-style

            From the BBC, today:

            • Hanging by the neck until near the point of death
            • 'Drawing' - disembowelling and removing genitals before burning them in front of victim, then finally taking out the heart
            • Beheading then 'quartering' - cutting body into four parts - before displaying to the public
            The plotters went on trial in late January 1606, and they were hung, drawn and quartered. Some MPs wanted "worse" deaths, but James I objected. He had survived a previous attempt on his life, and had come to believe that a higher protective force was at work.

            Dr Nicholls said: "There was a real sense of relief in the administration, that they had been very lucky. There was also a sense that God had demonstrated the error of the plotters' cause."

            The powers-that-be were also keen emphasise that the plot was the work of a few hardened extremists, that the conspirators did not speak for the Catholic majority.

            But, as with the current government's reaction to the London bombings, there was a clampdown. To help ensure loyalty, from 1606 Catholics had to swear an oath of allegiance to the Crown. The king was also given the right to seize recusants' (those who refused to attend Anglican worship) lands in certain circumstances.

            Today, this would be seen as repressive, but then it was comparatively liberal, and the laws were enforced very patchily. There was no repeat of the martyrdoms of the previous century, in which Protestants and Catholics had been slaughtered.
            Andy "Weeble" Weaver

            Research, Reference and Historical Study

            Illud Latine dici non potest


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              I read about the plot in BBC yesterday. I was shocked by how much of London would have been destroyed if the conspirators had suceeded. Thanks for the link Weeble!
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