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    I'm doing some research on the LAH division, particularly in late '41. I'd like to get some details on tactical operations, especially in the Crimea. I'm intrigued by descriptions of the battle at the "Tartar Ditch" and would like to learn more about it. My understanding is that LAH (or 1st SS Panzer) was one of Manstein's lead units on the approach to the Crimea, but I'm having trouble actually locating any detailed references.

    Do any of you have any good tactical references, for the LAH division in particular or the Crimean campaign of '41-'42?

    Thoughts/help/direction greatly appreciated.

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    You should go to for the answer.

    Check and follow the link.



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      Thanks much for the reference!

      It appears as if is up for sale, so the prior owner must have abandoned the project. had some good information, and particularly some references to books which should help me in my study (it redireced me to which is where the material was found).

      Thanks again!


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        1.SS-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

        Try this site for details of all German Forces:


        I note that LAH were transferred to Panzer Group 1 around Kiev after this engagement. 46.Infanterie-Division were also involved in the Tartar's Ditch battle:

        This book's blurb says it includes full details, but I have never read it personally.

        SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler
        The History of the First SS Division 1933-45
        Butler, Rupert
        ISBN 1862271178
        Publisher Tempus Publishing Ltd
        Imprint Spellmount Publishers Ltd
        Format Hardback
        Publication Date 26 Nov 2001
        Andy "Weeble" Weaver

        Research, Reference and Historical Study

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