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  • Imperial War Museum's Database

    This searchable database from the Imperial War Museum's Collections Online is very useful for British and Commonwealth information.
    The Imperial War Museum's Collections Online database contains over 150,000 records relating to items in the collections. It is not a complete set of records of all the museum's holdings but offers a great deal of information. The present database covers the collections of documents; film; printed books and sound in detail. The records for items in these collections will continue to grow. Selections of records covering art, exhibits, photographs, and the aircraft & vehicles collection are included in the database. Records for all collections are used to illustrate the nine main themes selected to feature on this site. Each theme contains sub-themes illustrated by selections of material from each of the collections. The records from all the collections can be interrogated and displayed using the 'All Records' search screen.
    Andy "Weeble" Weaver

    Research, Reference and Historical Study

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    Nice site Andy, very nice.

    Soviet and Canadian medal collector!


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