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    I finally back-tracked my archived "Websites visited History" to find this excellent site. Knew I had found a live link in the past year! Most sub-links are still active.

    [If you are going to do this be mindful of the security implications vs hackers. It is best to copy your 'sites visited' data onto removeable media, then upload onto a "Stand-alone" PC that is never connected to the Internet. You have to date, name & manage your personal history file too ]

    I wasn't sure where to post this, as it includes games, modelling, history and OOB info.
    My main interest is in obscure wars, together with lesser known aspects of larger wars (i.e. my interest in Swedish armies of the Seven Years War, and Spanish Napoleonics). Current projects include Indochina 1946-54, and the Mexican Revolution 1910-20 (both of which now have something on-line!). I am also a fan of the "lesser" armies of WW2, such as the Dutch and Romanians.

    Great site & links from "Mad" Dan O'Hara.
    Andy "Weeble" Weaver

    Research, Reference and Historical Study

    Illud Latine dici non potest

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