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  • Brecourt 2005

    Hi all,

    As part of my research of the battle at Brecourt, I decided to have the Brecourt area photograhed by a professional helicopter photographer.
    The photograph arrived last week, ending a four month project that began as an internet search for aerial photographers in Europe.

    This photograph captures the entire Brecourt battlefeld ... from the buildings at La Grand Chemin (where the attack was planned), up the hedgerows to the recon and staging area, along the treeline where the 105 mm gun battery was hidden, and all the way across the field to the Brecourt Manor.

    I purchased this aerial photograph for my personal research as well as for another project I'm working on. Because of the great cost involved in this type of project; I decided before it was taken that I would offer printed copies of it for sale ... in order to reclaim some of the cost, as well as providing a timeless image to those who are interested.
    The area remains virtually the same as it was over sixty years ago, except for the addition of some buildings and other minor changes.

    This photograph also preserves this historical area for future generations and is a tribute to those who fought there.
    below is a small example of the area, as well as a small portion taken from the full size image.


    I'm not sure if it is OK to link to another forum or not, but there is a good topic related to Brecourt over at Trigger Time. I will post a link below, but if the forum admin doesn't want it here ... I will remove the link.

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    more info

    I have just edited this post.
    I had previously posted the details of the sale of prints of this phto, but later realized I should not mention it for sale here without the admin's permission.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone.


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      Very nice photos...thanks for sharing.
      Armchair General Magazine
      Weider History Group


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        one last thing

        Something I think the veterans of the Brecourt battle, (as well as other WW II vets), would be interested in hearing.

        While discussing the details of getting the Brecourt 2005 aerial photograph taken, the photographer asked if he could ask why I wanted this specific area photographed. He wondered if it had something to do with the 101st Airborne and the story of the battle is this area. He name is Jean Luc and this is his e-mail to me.


        Just another question about the historical side of the picture,

        Has it something to do with the Easy Company 506 Th ? is it because that, that the tree line on the picture was so important ?

        Im interesting about this story, (If I can allow me to ask you the question ) let me know if the project of the poster edition you have with the picture has something to do with this story.”

        I replied saying this was for my own research, but am going to offer it for sale as a print to try to regain some of the cost, as well as providing a way for others to remember and discuss the historical events at Brecourt.

        The next day I received a reply from Jean Luc and the others from the photographic company. They offered to reduce the price of the photograph by a small but significant amount as a way of contributing something towards this project that promotes the memory of those veterans who fought there.

        He wrote:

        "The difference will be our (small) form of contribution to promote the souvenir of what all these Boys have made for our country and our freedom.
        I'm born in June 1964, 20 years later Overlord, but I have a deep respect for all those American, Canadian, and British Men who give the best they could including theirs lives for our country and for the history they have written.
        Kind Regards Jean Luc "


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          Brecourt then and now

          A short movie fading in the June 6 1944 aerial over the Brecourt 2005 photo is available to view at:

          in the "then and now" section.



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