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    Originally posted by BarcelonaBlom
    Just general duties of an armored crew I guess. What each member is responsible for exactly. I know the basics and a bit from my readings but just wondering if the driver is responsible for more than his normal job, is the loader or gunner responsible for loading new ammo. Things like that.
    The first thing to remember is that a tank crew is a team. The 4 of you live, sleep, eat, fight, etc together. That means if somebody screws up in combat, you most liekly DIE together as well. So, while each crew member has specific tasks, we all help each other when needed.

    Maintenance comes to mind.... LOL I would like to see the driver and loader tighten all the wedge bolts (by hand) by themselves after a hard day of maneuver training. Or the gunner boresight the main gun by himself.... Ya see where I am going?

    But, I will give a positonal "synopsis".

    Driver - Drives tank. Responsible for hull maintenance, fueling, fluid checks, tracks etc... makes sure the tank can roll when the TC jumps on and says "take me there...".

    Loader - Puts big bullets in big gun, fast and often. Also, the loader is usually the guy who arranges main gun rounds in the ready and semi-ready racks because he knows what round to put where so he can load it fast. Usually that means HEAT on the top and SABOT everywhere else. Also, the loader is the guy who does a lot of "other duties as required."

    Gunner - Steel on target. Turret maintenance. He is the boss when the TC is off doing TC things. Sweats a lot in the summer. LOL (This was my last duty position before I got out.)

    TC - Da Boss


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      Originally posted by BarcelonaBlom
      lol Don't worry about promoting other forums... don't we do it all the time... besides its one more place I'll be hanigng out all day everyday :P
      I didn't really feel that bad...but you know how sensitive some people can be.

      On a separate note, since this is a wargaming site, you should give Steel Beasts a try if you haven't already. While I've never been a tanker, the game (some would call it a simulation) gives a nice feel for armored combat. There's an active online community where you can take on other humans in a team environment. Very cool. Anyway, I learned quite a bit about tank warfare by playing the game.

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        Originally posted by BarcelonaBlom
        Anyone know any sites or personal knowledge on the training and duties of a Modern Tank Crew? Since I'm looking to get into this sometime down the road it be nice to know.
        Check The Armor School at Fort Knox, KY, I believe. If it isn't available on the site, an e-mail to the appropriate person may bring results.
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          Originally posted by hogdriver
          Check The Armor School at Fort Knox, KY, I believe. If it isn't available on the site, an e-mail to the appropriate person may bring results.
          Link doesn't work...
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