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Opinions about possible new game.

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  • Opinions about possible new game.

    I am working on a game, and I an thinking about publishing it. I have done some freelance writing the last few years (for RPGs, not war games) and I'm considering taking that next step to publishing what I want to write.

    Before I do, I want to get opinions from the consumers to see if what I am writing will sell. Here is a quick descripiton.

    The product is a series of microgames under the title "Conflict in a Nutshell". The first items on sale will be three books covering the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). I have not decided to go PDF only or allow bulk orders Print On Demand.

    The actual books will be 12 or 16 page booklets. The covers will be heavy cardstock. The back cover will be the game board and counters (a separate counter image will be provided for people who do not want to cut up the book.) The interior will contain 10-14 pages describing the history of the conflict, 2 pages of rules and one page of scenario information.

    The game is very simple. An expanded version of the rules from "Postcard from the Revolution" (

    Each booklet will have a few follow-up scenarios that detail other battles in the same conflict. These will print on a single sheet of cardstock, and will contain a scenario, board, counters and the game rules.

    The average Kinkos will print a booklet with this layout for about $2.50.

    The target audience is history clubs and educators who want to give a little extra spice to their classes. They will also be useful as entry-level board games due to the simplified rules. The target age range is juveniles. I am guessing 10-14 year olds.

    Prices are highly variable, but I am thinking $6-$10 for the main booklets and $1-$2 for additional scenarios. That is for PDFs. POD orders would be less per copy, (say, $2 or $3) but would have a minimum volume of 10 or 20 copies. POD orders would also include counters printed on label paper (to protect the book) and a plastic bag to hold the game.

    Here are my questions (for those who made it this far):

    1) I know several educators read these boards. Would these be useful to you?

    2) If so, what conflicts would be best to cover? (I am guessing American Revolutionary War and American Civil War.)

    3) Would you prefer buying a PDF and reproducing it yourself or buying in bulk from me?

    4) Those of you who are not educators, would you be interested in this product?

    I also need links to teaching resources. If someone could point me to boards or forums where I can find history teachers to ask about this, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you to anyone who responds!
    Mike DeSanto

    A Human never stands so tall,
    as when stooping to help a small
    computer. - Infocom motto

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    Map size

    I have gotten one reply concerned with the size of the map. My current design uses the back of the booklet for the map, a 5.5"x8.5" area. This gives 11x15 hexes with 1/2" hexes.

    Would a separate 8.5"x11" map be better?

    Given a choice between a $5 product with a small map and an $8 product with a larger map, which would prefer?

    NOTE: The larger map would have larger hexes, not necessarily more of them. maybe an extra row or two, but I want to keep the play time down, and limiting the map size and # of counters does that.
    Mike DeSanto

    A Human never stands so tall,
    as when stooping to help a small
    computer. - Infocom motto


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