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    Hope this of some interest, this issue contains articles about:-

    French Colonial Troops in the West Indies and Guyana, 1935–1943,
    by René Chartrand

    Unit History of the Maryland and Virginia Rifle Regiment
    (1776–1781): Insights from the Service Record of
    Capt. Adamson Tannehill, by Tucker F. Hentz

    Mexican Border War and the Illinois National Guard,
    by William F. McLaughlin

    Sharpshooters as Prisoners, by Gary Yee

    Portland Artillery Company Uniform, 1791–1792,
    by René Chartrand

    A 180-Degree Panoramic View of Cumberland Landing, May 1862,
    by Jason R. Wickersty

    Was the “Rainbow” Division Tarnished by its Behavior on the Battlefield?,
    by David C. Homsher

    A Brief View of Base Hospital No. 102, Medical Corps,
    United States Army, Italy, 1918, by Anthony Gero

    “Sufficient for the army for fifteen days…”
    Continental Army Frozen Rations, by John U. Rees

    Early Experiments on the Use of Rubber Clothing in the U.S. Navy,
    by Harold D. Langley

    Rueben Delevan Massey:
    Unheralded Architect of the Civil War’s U.S. Colored Troops,
    by Paul D. Renard

    829: British Flying Training Schools, 1941–1945,
    by Robert J. Marrion, Michael T. Johnson, and Edward S. Milligan

    830: United States War Dogs and Their Handlers, 1944–1945,
    by Ronald Spicer, Anthony Gero, and Edward S, Milliagn.


    Andy H
    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." Churchill

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