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  • 63rd Signal Battalion

    My Grandfather (the man on my avatar) was a Radio Operator in the 63rd Signal Battalion of the "5th army" in North Africa and Italy before he was injured in an air raid.

    I was just interested if anyone here had any information on that unit in those theaters. I have tried to get all the info. I could and have come a long way. But I could always use more.

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    -General George Patton-

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    I am sure you have already checked these places out but here are some links just in case:

    63rd SIG BN

    5th Army History

    63rd Signal Crest

    63rd SIG BN at

    Hope that helps.

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      I have visted those sites. But thanks for trying to help!

      His records were (I suppose) destryoed in the St. Louis Fire in "73". I have send letters to men I know were in the unit. so far no-one has known him, but they have been helpfull in ohter way's.

      I was able to find the unit surgeon's address in Israel, He would have for sure known my Grandfather. But his wife sent me a letter back. Sadly he had died the previous summer.

      I was just hoping someone just may have come across something, or someone from that unit.

      Thanks again!
      "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."
      -General George Patton-


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