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The British invasion of Madagasgar in 1941

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  • The British invasion of Madagasgar in 1941

    I recently read a short article on the web describing this action. Good article but now I've forgot where it was. I cannot find it (it could even be buried somewhere on this website )

    Does anyone know of this article or point me in the right direction?

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    Was it: ? That's the best source I've found on the web on this obscure campaign. The chapters on it in the relevant British Offical History are also rather good.
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      Thanks for the pointer. Stone describes the campaign well. But I article I had seen referred also to the problems RN was facing supporting a large amphibious landing so early in the war. Specialized craft and supply ships for landings were on a short supply. If I recall the author of the article states that the British were lucky that the French commander at Diego Suarez surrendered since they were having difficulties getting supplies to the troops already on shore. Otherwise the operation could have failed.


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