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Luftwaffe WWII aircraft projects

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  • Luftwaffe WWII aircraft projects

    Luft'46 gathers what looks like a quite comprehensive list of aircraft projects of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. To quote the site's introduction:
    During WWII, German aircraft designers put forth many aircraft project ideas, which ranged from the practical to the bizarre. Some of these ideas were ahead of their time and reached a more advanced design stage, and even affect aircraft today. Within the pages of Luft '46 you will find descriptions of these aircraft projects, illustrated with three-view drawings, model photos and custom color artwork....
    Definitely worth a few clicks in my opinion, even if none of the aircraft presented ever saw combat - except probably the MiG-15 variant of the Focke-Wulf Ta 183.

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    The History Channel has a show "The Secret Aircraft of the Third Reich" that covers most of these planes. It shows the few pictures/movies of these types along with great CGI footage. Highly recommended..........
    Lance W.

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