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  • Benevolent Dictators

    Have there been any?

    I remember the term 'benevolent dictator' from my youth but can't remember where I heard it, what/who it referred to, or where it originated.

    Anyone know?

    However, I've always kind of thought, "Yeah, I could see how that could work to the benefit of a country - if the man was truly of a kindly disposition while at the same time being all-powerful."

    But running several times through the names of all the dictators throughout history that I can remember, I can't really think of anyone who fits the bill.

    Can you?

    How about one who was wasn't totally destructive and 'orrible as nearly all of them seem to have been. Perhaps someone who could be described (in Monty Python's phrase) as: "Yeah, he was cruel... cruel but fair."

    Perhaps Ashoka after he gave up conquering all of India and took up Buddhism, or maybe Fidel Casto who, while being a dictator wasn't massively destructive (apart from that bringing humanity to the brink of nuclear holocaust thingie - not entirely his fault).

    So how about it? Any candidates for Benevolent Dictator, or at least a dictator who wasn't as thoroughly rotten and destructive as the rest of them?

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    Try the chap what ran Portugal around the same time as France - don't recall the name and must dash, but he seems to have been the least bad, at least, of the motley crew of dictators. There have been a number of autocrats which may fit the descriptor dictator who were quite good - Alfred the Great springs to mind.
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      Do you mean Salazar?

      Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

      Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

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        Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus
        Кто там?
        Это я - Почтальон Печкин!
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          Napoleon Bonaparte.

          He actually introduce a number of civil reforms that live on today, most importantly the Civil Code.

          The Civil Code was more important to humanity than all of his military conquests.
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            Pretty short thread...
            Battles are dangerous affairs... Wang Hsi


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              Octavian, I do like his method of pretending to just be "first among equals". Napoleon might have benefited from following his example.
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