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    Originally posted by broderickwells View Post
    I resemble that remark, you, you, you Essex Lad, you!

    But as I'm a Wellingtonian exiled to Auckalofa, and not a Jafa (Just Another Fabulous <cough> Aucklander) I'm prepared to be described as another breed of demi-human.

    One of my favourite out-takes from the LOTR films is Ian McKellen crying out "Orcs! And so far from Auckland!". Cheesy, I know, but it keeps my tiny mind amused!
    Signing out.


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      He is another Jerry Falwell;world history is swarming with self-declared reverends;suddenly ,they appear ,from nowhere,and,after a few years,they are tarred and expelled,but,meanwhile,they have done a lot of damage .

      The difference is that PH failed for his examen for charlatan,to be a charlatan,a minimum of knowledge and intelligence is required,but the big boys had pity ,and,there he is .

      Scientists still ignore the process of mutation which is transforming a (mostly not intelligent) person in a spiritual terrorist .

      Suddenly,he was there (first at the History Forum) with his message : I was a sinner,like you,worshipping idols as Mombauer.But the prophet (AB),his name will be praised,picked me to save you all :even TD,even BW,and even the arch-sinner : ljadw.

      And,for the doubters: do not doubt:it is all very simple :submit you to the words of the prophet (and his messenger,of course) : if you have a problem,no problem:everything is in my E-book : Our Century .

      When the people of Israel was doubting,it only had to look on the Ten Commandments,if there was a problem at the Smurf village,Papa Smurf was looking in the big Smurf book .
      If you have a problem,look at Our Century,and everything will become clear .
      And,the dull ones (as Mounty ) ? Their punishment will be to study the works of AB and WT .


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        Originally posted by ljadw View Post
        And,the dull ones (as Mounty ) ? Their punishment will be to study the works of AB and WT .
        Signing out.


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          Originally posted by Full Monty View Post


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            The 10 commandments(following LW)

            1) There is only one God : Fay,you stupid ones

            2)There is only one prophet : A.B.

            3)All the other ones (especially Mombauer) are false prophets

            4)The prophet (his name shall be praised in eternity) chosed me to preach his gospel

            5)In 1914,Germany (her name shall be praised in eternity) was attacked suddenly and deliberatedly

            6)The greatest crime in history was to not crush Bolchevism in 1919

            7)FDR will burn in hell

            8 )ljadw will burn in hell

            9)Thou shall buy my E-Book (even a failed charlatan has to pay his bills,and his holydays in Las Vegas)

            10)Those who will not buy my E-Book shall burn in hell,except Glenn,who shall burn in purgatory .


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              All of these replies have served to enhance sales of my book. Thank you. Hopefully I have returned the favor by increasing traffic to the AGF with a link on my website. ( as well as stimulating healthy debate with my threads, which have engendered replies in the hundreds and counting . . .

              As a more practical matter, all of the critical replies ignore one of the main points of the book: the Triple Entente with Great Britain in the lead started the Great War. Intellectual arguments - such as Germany's lack of a credible motive - are in short supply, while there is no shortage of the sneering, derisive, mocking, soccer hooliganism, which is especially characteristic of British posters. This is perhaps understandable as the demotion from 'noble, gallant defenders of Belgium' to 'warmongers' is no easy task. (Let me hasted to add that the vast majority of the British people, Parliament, and Cabinet, strongly opposed the war with Germany.)

              But I take comfort from Barnes' The Genesis of the World War, which caused an uproar when it was first published, but opened the floodgates of Revisionism and is generally accepted as accurate today.

              The main points of the book are 1. the central role of Great Britain in the outbreak of war in 1914, 2. the central role of Germany in empowering the Bolsheviks, and 3. the central role of the Comintern in sparking WW2.

              I assume that critics of my book have actually read it - not just the free parts. Meanwhile, I welcome any and all critiques of my book but prefer cogency and logic to soccer hooliganism.
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              "We have met the enemy and he is us." Pogo


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