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Air battle losses Europe WWII

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  • Air battle losses Europe WWII

    I'm trying to come up with a reasonable number for losses in a typical air battle of WWII in Europe.

    Here is what I have so far...

    BOB LW 1652 over 100 days or so = 16.5 per day
    RAF 1007 over 100 days = 10 per day

    Big Week USAAF 185 over 7 days = 26.4 per day
    LW 100 over 7 days = 14.3 per day

    Battle for Berlin VVS 527 over 17 days = 31 per day
    LW 1232 over 17 days = 72.5 per day

    Any other similar battles you can think of?

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    Average Air losses per day

    There are too many factors for any number based purely on the numbers engaged and not returning, to be significant.
    stand down in anticipation of major ops
    Radar environment: none, defensive side only, offensive side only, both sides
    subsets; Quality of equipment, ground based vs air borne, operator skill commands ability to use information effectively. Type of planes engaged

    To name only a few. Good luck


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