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3 hours in an ancient Library of your choice.

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  • 3 hours in an ancient Library of your choice.

    If you had 3 hours to time travel into the past, armed with a set of pencils, and pads of paper, and other things of your choice, what Ancient Library do you visit?

    Assuming those of us with no usable Latin or Greek would be transcribing random documents, we might wish to visit a more recent time frame than Alexandria where the odds of someone speaking English and pointing us in the right direction are at least decent.

    Also, it might be wise to visit a smaller location if one is searching for something specific.

    1. So where (and When) would you go?

    2. Why would you pick that Library?

    3. What would you bring (No Electronics)?

    4. What would you do once arriving.

    5. What would you hope to find?

    For me.

    1. Library of Constantinople prior to 1200 AD.

    2. Great lost Collection, and there is at least a chance I could find an English Translator.

    3. I would Bring, Pencils, Pens, Paper, Leather bag, Magnifying Glass, Gold Coins, A list of Greek Phrases that I would be searching for, and a Pocket English to Latin and English to Ancient Greek translator.

    4. I would start by asking questions in the best old/middle English I could in hopes of someone who could translate. Then I would go looking for the most well organized room I could find, and start scanning short documents for 30 minutes, the spend the remaining time transcribing those I found.

    5. I would just hope for a collection of things, Military reports or Greek works that are lost, My Phrase list would consist of the names of lost Greek writers, and Roman/Byzantine Generals.

    Just as a fun discussion.

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