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10 th US Army during Okinawa Campaign

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    Didn't the Army seize a couple of small islands off Okinawa to place Long Toms on?

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      I had another dig round and it looks like the 1950 book I had a check in was slightly in error, in that three 155-mm Bns it identifies as using howitzers were in fact gun armed;

      Also from fold3, XXIV Corps Troops list shows the following for Artillery (Army only);

      HQ & HQ Bty, XXIV Corps Arty
      287th FA Obsn Bn
      749th FA Bn (8-in How)

      419th FA Gp
      HQ & HQ Bty
      145th FA Bn (155-mm How)
      198th FA Bn (155-mm How)
      225th FA Bn (155-mm How)

      420th FA Gp
      HQ & HQ Bty
      226th FA Bn (155-mm Gun) (attached 29 May)
      531st FA Bn (155-mm Gun)
      532nd FA Bn (155-mm Gun)

      All units excepting 226th FA Bn are indicated as forming part of 10th Army throughout operations. I'm not sure where 750th FA Bn fitted into things on that basis. I found a mention on another forum that suggests two 8-inch Bns were asked for but there was insufficient amn available for both.



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        Artillery of 420th FA Gp was placed on Keise Shima;

        "While the (77th) division was securing the Retto, UDT's from TF 52 were blasting a path through the reefs of Keise Shima for the 420th Field Artillery Group's 155mm guns. Early on 31 March, 2/306 was landed on Keise in a last minute check for enemy opposition. Results were the same as those in previous searches--negative. Soon thereafter men and equipment of the 420th Group, whose tractor group had come up during the night, began landing. At 1935 the big guns began registration fire on selected targets in southern Okinawa where, as the Japanese reported, they "incessently obstructed our movements by laying a great quantity of fire inside our positions."42

        Within a few days the fire had become so galling that a special Japanese attack unit was formed to raid Keise. The 5th Artillery Command's 150mm guns were also ordered to concentrate on silencing the American "long toms." Neither measure proved to be successful, nor was the Thirty-second Army ever able to enforce its order to "stop the use of enemy artillery on Keise Shima."43"


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          Are you the Gary Kennedy of Bayonet Strength website fame?

          If so thanks for your great work!
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