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Canadian Artillery Company TOE's for the 21st Century

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  • Canadian Artillery Company TOE's for the 21st Century

    Artillery Company TOE's for the 21st Century
    proposed for the Canadian DOD

    -Field Artillery Company ***
    'A' Battery - 4 155mm Paladin SPG
    'B' Battery - 4 155mm Paladin SPG
    'C' Battery - 4 155mm Paladin SPG
    'D' Battery - 4 155mm Paladin SPG
    'E' Battery - 4 155mm Paladin SPG

    *** The Paladin could later be replaced
    by the Crusader SPG system.

    - Rocket Artillery Company ***
    'A' Battery - 4 MLRS (HIMARS)
    'B' Battery - 4 MLRS (HIMARS)
    'C' Battery - 4 MLRS (HIMARS)

    *** HIMARS: High Mobility Artillery
    Rocket System

    No information currently available for the
    Company HQ.
    Better to be judged by twelve
    then carried by six.

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    hello rame can you get more on the canadian forces like this for infantry,armour etc ?

    owner of the yahoo group for WW1 ,WW2 and Modern TO&Es
    (Tables of organisation & equipment or Unit of action )


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      Is it a new proposal to change the name from Artillery 'Regiment' to 'Company', or am I so completely out of touch with the modern military? I'd imagine the artillery would be fuming about having to use lowly infantry designations


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        According to the PDF document I got off the internet,
        its being called an 'artillery company'. Please
        keep in mind that this is rather fictional still, since our armed forces is still undergoing changes, this info could change anytime. I'll attach the PDF for you to read.
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        Better to be judged by twelve
        then carried by six.


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          Fictional indeed.

          Whomever wrote it should check thier facts. The 35mm Twin Gun had been retired and the VSHORSD Grizzly was cancelled 3 years ago. Plus, the US had cancelled the Crusader SPG in 2001 opting for new light towed 155mm howitzers.

          Also, for the Brigades, we are going to 2 ''medium'' Bds and 1 ''Heavy capable'' Bde.

          As far as the ''Direct Fire Company'' is concerned it WILL be a larger unit. The unit in question will be the Lord Strathconas Armoured Regt. in Edmonton Alberta, to be called the ''Direct Fire Unit''. It will comprise of 2 Squadrons of Leopard C2s, 1 Company of LAV TUA, 1 Battery of ADATS, and the HQ Sqd. Eventually, the equipment will change for the LAV III Mobile Gun System, LAV III TOW, and MMEV. In fact the TOW Coy from 1 PPCLI just moved over to the LdSH last month and the 2 tank Sqds are stood up. The ADATS Bty will be there in `08. However, the Air Defence portion of hte DFU is still in the air. All I know, since I am an air defender myself, is that all the VSHORAD units are closing by June `06 and all AD pers will be centralized to one location.

          As for the Fd Arty, the M-109`s are all going out west with 5 RALC and 2 RCHA being light regiments with 105 LG1s and Mortars. I know from my time at the Artillery School that trials have begun for truck mounted 105mm howitzers. For the artillery as a whole we have been and always will be called batteries and regiments. It is a very tradition oriented corps and I do not see us being called companies in my lifetime.

          So basically for now the Cdn army will have all heavy mech out west (in 1 CMBG and the CMTC) 109s, Leos, etc.. and Medium stuff in Ontario and Quebec. The RCDs and 12 RBC are now Recce Regiments using the LAV Coyote`s.

          Anyway, I am starting to ramble on so if there are any more Q's I can try to give some A's from what I know.


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