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  • Operation Iraqi Freedom references

    Has anyone come across any websites with infomation on Operation Iraqi Freedom? I'm looking for info on the major operations themselves. Much of it I already know (because I was there and I can draw from memory), but there are other parts that I need some references for. I have some pretty good books on the subject so most of this is now de-classified.

    In this particular case, I'm looking for a somewhat more detailed breakdown of Republican Guard locations than you normally see. It would also be useful to know what various phase lines were designated etc. All of that is available for Operation Desert Storm and has been for some time. I'm just trying to gather as much as I can from public sources on Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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    Don, I'd recommend the archives - covered major troop deployments and other such info.
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      Thanks Ivan. They have some good OOB stuff. When I left Iraq last year, I actually had a complete set of 1:15,000, 1:50:000, and 1:500,000 for all of Iraq, Kuwait, and a good portion of Iran and Afghanistan. All of these maps were "unlimited distribution" so there was no problem with me keeping them. None of them had any marks on them either. The whole stack was about 36" high! I also had the entire order of battle down to the company level of every single unit in threater--including Iraqi. All of this has been gathered from open sources and indexed into a very usable document about 400 pages long.

      Unfortunately, when I left I had to hurry up and catch a UH-60 flight over to Saddam International. I didn't have much time to pack and was only allowed two duffle bags in addition to my combat equipment. I had to leave a lot of stuff behind as there was no way to carry it. This included the OOB and 90% of the maps. I did manage to bring the 1:500,000's with me, and they have come in very handy. If they would have let me take just one more bag...

      For whatever reason, operation Iraqi Freedom seems to be getting a little different type of coverage than Operation Desert Storm. Within months of the first gulf war, books started appearing with fairly detailed information on units, specific engagements, detailed maps, etc. This seems to be harder to get for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Most of the stuff I have found concernes individual unit movements, political-type maps showing a much simplified version of overall Allied operations, etc. has the best stuff I have found to date, but even they don't seem to have any decent maps.

      I guess I'm going to have to work at this and piece it together from multiple open sources.


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        I don't know if you've seen this site yet, but they have some very good maps outlining 3IDs attack toward Baghdad, including some information on many of the battles that occured near various objectives.

        Engineering the Victory

        I'm also working to piece together the war campaign to topple Saddam Hussein, particularly 3IDs charge on Baghdad.
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          Thanks. There was a little bit of interesting stuff over there.

          I'm working on some DA stuff, but I think I'm going to switch my emphasis to Desert Storm as I have a lot more material on hand for that.


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