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Roundout Redux?: Army Associate Units

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  • Roundout Redux?: Army Associate Units

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    I would say the Round Out program we had before failed. The Regular Army used a number of National Guard Battalions and Brigades to bring Regular divisions up to full strength. This allowed the Regular Army to open up slots for new generals and Support Staff. When it came time for Desert Storm, the Regulars sent three National Guard Brigades to Fort Hood to "train". They instead used separate Regular Brigades and stripped Regular Divisions in Germany. If the National Guard units had been sent to the front and did well, then Congress just might order more National Guard units and disband Regular units. The National Guard s cheaper to run and operate.

    So now the Army trots out another Roundout Program? I am not impressed! Will the Army allow National Guard Heavy Brigades to revive the battalions they were so quick to demobilize? In the Second Iraq War, they took Battalions from other Guard Brigades to raise the NG Brigades back to three battalions (I am referring to Heavy Infantry and Armor). They cut back the Louisiana Guard Brigade to two battalions and made them Light Infantry and took away all their heavy equipment and transport. I am still waiting to see Guard Light Infantry Brigades return to three Infantry Battalions. Surplus to needs my fanny!

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      Oh, great, mashup different units with different levels of training and officers that don't even know each other... at the Battalion level?

      The Manchurian Candidate is at it again...


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        It's the same in the Reserves. You'd think my signal company would be supporting my battalion/brigade in the real world. You would be wrong. We support a freaking brigade on the other side of the country despite their signal company being on the exact same readiness level as us. When I asked our BDE CO about this he said it is intentional.


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