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  • Looking for K-series TOE

    I am looking for the US Marine Corps K-Series TOE, and was wondering if anyone knows of a place where I can find it?

    I am specifically after the K-series TOE for the Infantry Regiment / Infantry Battalion / Infantry Company.

    I tried Google, but couldn't find the K-series toe, just the other WW2 era series.

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    Google "Mobilization of the Marine Corps Reserve in the Korean Cinflict, 1950-1951" reprinted in 1967 by HQ, USMC G3 Historical section. On page 4 is the organization of a K-Series MarDiv during war time and page 5 has the peacetime org. Unfortunately for the regiment is doesn't go below Battalion except for the H&S and other support companies in the regiment.


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      Have you tried the Marine Corps' Historical Center online?
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        Here you go.


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          Not sure if a link to google books will go the same page, but there's a précis of the Marine Inf Regt here (pages 32-33);

          There are T/Os for the K-Series Regt, but I don't have copies myself. I think they would suffer from the same problem as the 1945 G-Series tables though, which omit the details of all support weapons and transport for units. This info was given on a Part II document, that for reasons unknown to me, isn't available, which makes reconstructing the Sep45 Marine Division a real...

          Back to the question asked though -

          Constituent T/Os for Marine Infantry Regiment, all dated 31st May 1949

          K1013 - Rifle Company
          K1023 - Weapons Company
          K1037 - HQ & Service Company
          K1038 - Infantry Battalion (summary)

          K1073 - Antitank Company
          K1083 - 4.2-inch Mortar Company
          K1097 - HQ & Service Company
          K1099 - Infantry Regiment (summary)



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            Thanks for the responses thus far. I have managed to acquire some of the information I was looking for.

            I now have the following information:

            Infantry Regiment
            Headquarters & Services Company (32-249)
            Mortar Company (4-136)
            Anti Tank Company (4-108)
            Infantry Battalion (43-1080)
            Infantry Battalion (43-1080)
            Infantry Battalion (43-1080)

            Now I just need to find some organizational charts for these units, that detail the organization of the individual companies in the battalions, and the number of personnel in those companies.

            I don't need anything real specific like historical equipment and so forth, just the personnel counts and the structure of the unit, namely squad, platoon, company, etc.

            I found a detailed toe for the F-series Infantry Regiment, but the K-series seems to be a little harder to find.



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              Best I can offer is the Rifle Squad was the same as F-Series; the G-Series took the same Platoon across but deleted the demolitions Cpl from Pl HQ.

              Other than that I feel there'd have been a lot of changes between F and K Series.


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